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Our examination preparation courses are designed to help you get the best grade in your exams. In these courses you will learn how the exam works, what the examiners will be looking for, examination strategies & techniques, and you will get a lot of practice using the questions you will see in the exam. Our quality designed courses ensures your success as our students always get the best grades. In addition, if your grammatical accuracy and vocabulary need improvement and you need to develop your overall knowledge and ability, the examination preparation courses are offered combined with the General English courses.


Cambridge First Certificate

This course is especially designed to prepare you thoroughly for every aspect of the FCE examination. During the course you will work on language development and exam strategy and techniques for all of the five elements of the FCE examinations (Speaking – Listening – Reading – Writing - Use of English). The Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) is recognised in Britain as a proof of language ability (B2). This is a short course and most of the students come to United College London two or three months earlier and attend a General English course in order to improve their English language ability.

Course level:

There are three levels available:

Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate



Suitable for motivated adults of all ages.


Ideal course for:

It is the ideal course for students who wish to obtain an English language Certificate.


Course option:

Standard Exam Preparation Course (20 lessons/week).

Intensive Exam Preparation Course (24 lessons/week).


Course Length:

The course length is fixed (6 weeks). No maximum


Dates & Fees:

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