An insight into

British home life

Living in a private home gives you an insight into British life.
Our homestay accommodation option combines quality, friendliness, and very good value for money. It is suitable both for students who want a lot of contact with their host and also for those who want to be independent and free. Our welcoming and experienced homestays all speak native or near-native English and it is often just a short walk and never more than a 30 minute journey by foot or public transport. All homestay options have free internet access. We take great care in selecting our homestay accommodation and we are visiting them regularly in order to make sure that all standards are maintained.

Our Homestay Accomodation

Standard (shared bathroom):

bed and breakfast £240 Bed and breakfast, and evening meal everyday/halfboard £300 Occasional meals £25/meal


Premium (private bathroom):

Bed and breakfast £300 halfboard £355


Deluxe (private bathroom and walking distance):

Bed and breakfast £340 halfboard £390


Independent (room only, no meals, full use of kitchen and bathroom):

Standard shared bathroom £230 you can use the kitchen to prepare your own meal.

Regarding your booking for your accommodation please contact us at Do not forget to tell us about your requirements diet, smoking, children, pets etc. We charge a non-refundable placement fee of GBP 45 for all accommodation arranged by us.

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