One -to- One

English Courses

Maximize your results.

Some people are so short of time, or have such pressing needs, that no group course is suitable. Others simply prefer the opportunity to concentrate on their own priority areas, without having to follow the needs of others in a group.

Whatever your objectives if you need the total dedication of a personal trainer who will create a programme just for you, one -to- one English is the ideal solution. All One-to-One English programmes include a detailed needs analysis leading to a fully tailor-made training course.


By the end of the course you will be able to:


  • significantly improve your performance in priority areas
  • understand your own language problems and identify future areas of focus
  • speak with greater confidence, fluency and accuracy
  • use a greatly increased active vocabulary


Course level:

Any level of English



Suitable for adults of all ages


Ideal course for:

There is no ‘typical’ person who chooses one -to- one English. You may feel that a group course is simply not suitable; you may have limited time available, or you may want the trainer to be able to focus 100 per cent on your needs.


Course option:

One -to- one Courses (flexible course length to match your needs). Usually 15 or 20 hours per week. Minimum 10 hours per week. No maximum.


Course Length:

Minimum registration 1 week. No maximum.



Flexible start dates



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