Our vision

& philosophy

Our Vision.

We continually strive to provide the best teaching and learning experiences for all students so that each individual achieves more than they believe they can. Our guiding statements will lead us in fulfilling our vision of being one of the most prestigious and quality college in the UK.

Our Philosophy.

We seek to develop students who demonstrate self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, a sense of purpose, and a commitment to service for others, in an environment that is sensitive to the uniqueness of the individual, as well as to the requirements of the world community to which they are becoming contributing citizens.

United College London endeavours to nurture each student’s unique strengths – intellectually, socially, physically, and creatively within the framework of a familial atmosphere of civility, competence, and caring. It strives to develop students capable of uniting academic excellence with cooperation, social awareness with responsibility, physical prowess with respect, creativity with dignity.

While valuing traditions of the past, the school welcomes and implements meaningful change with a curriculum that balances established methods with innovative and forward-thinking programs. Course content and methodology build upon individual uniqueness in learning style, life experiences, and personal intelligences.

Guiding Statements.

We will support our philosophy through these Guiding Statements:
Maintain high standards of academic progress, achievement and performance
To develop bi-lingual students who are fluent in their language as well as in English
Encourage all to become responsible contributing citizens of the school and within a global context

  • Instil in students confidence and enthusiasm for life-long learning.
  • Develop future leaders with active and innovative minds.
  • Celebrate diversity and build an understanding of and respect for different value systems and cultures.
  • Promote critical understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act based on one’s beliefs.
  • Address a variety of learning needs including English as an additional language and enrichment and counselling so that each individual can achieve success.
  • Recruit, retain and professionally develop leading teachers and educators for our school.
  • Be a reflective and thoughtful community seeking input from a variety of resources to successfully guide our progress.
  • Continue to develop a welcoming community that supports happy and passionate staff and students.

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