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United College London's School of English

At UNITED COLLEGE LONDON’s School of English we employ skilled trainers who are very carefully chosen for their qualifications.
We are dedicated to a culture of high performance in the workplace and aim to recruit, retain and develop the best staff available to us. We are passionate about setting and promoting world-class standards, and constantly strive to improve the services we offer.

We provide tools and other assistance to help staff shape their careers, and we actively encourage employees to develop themselves and those they work with both personally and professionally. We also ensure opportunities exist for staff to move to different roles within the organization in line with newly developed abilities and ambitions.
We take pride in those who work for us, in terms of both their personal integrity and their accomplishments on behalf of the United College London. We look for people who operate to the highest degree of principle, who flourish in a team environment, and who will actively contribute their intellect, leadership and positive energy so that we may continue to exceed our students’ expectations.

All our trainers have the Cambridge ESOL Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (CELTA) or an equivalent certification as a minimum. Some of our trainers hold an M.A in Applied Linguistics, or other educational relevant Master and PhD Degrees of study. We pay attention to every single detail in United College London and that is why the professional development of our trainers, lecturers and tutors is a priority for us. All of our trainers attend in-service training seminars, and some of them hold professional qualification in other professional fields.

It is not easy to get a job at United College London’s School of English. Our students get the best because we simply employ the best.

If you wish to apply for a position please email your CV and cover letter at :

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